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Categories: Interactive Installation

Dates: Juillet 2018

Interactive art installation made as part of an investigation into the representation of emotions through light, sound and color. The work was exhibited at the UAM Cuajimalpa so that it could be tested by the public.

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Robert Plutchik's wheel of emotions was used as the basis for determining the various emotions. It contains 8 main emotions and each one has three levels. It was sought that the user could explore the various emotions through a lever and that they he could determine the degree of each of them. For this, a lever with 2 potentiometers that created a 12x12 matrix was used, when moving it, the base of the lever changed color with LED lights and the emotion was shown on the screen accompanied by a sound that exemplified the emotion.

The piece is still in development to be able to store the emotion of each of the participants.

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